Thursday, March 29, 2012

March of the Spambots, chapter 16

Alternate title: "I await your respond."

Oh, I take it all back. Spambots can be fun! This guy/gal/thing made me laugh out loud. Got this message on Facebook (back when I had a very grim-looking middle-aged lady photo as my profile pic). As opposed to the smiling middle aged lady photo I have now.

Berry Will
  • Hi pretty!

    Am Berry Will by name, I was searching for a date and came across your profile, honestly you look so gorgeous and beautiful and your calm nature caught my interest in you and send you a mail. Because, my career keeps me busy from searching since I lost my wife 5years ago during her second child birth. Though my words on here are few.

    It would be my pleasure to have a meaningful relationship with you so we can explore our possibility and share a warm friendship, if you can take time out to read and reply my mail here on face book if you don't mind.

    I await your respond

    And, of course, he included a photograph. Can't wait to meet you, Berry! (hint: that's a girl name) and start our cyber dating relationship!

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