Friday, March 9, 2012

It's Friday

In fact, the third Friday of Lent. For those who observe it, a day of fasting and abstinence from meat (or anything else you find inordinately enjoyable, such as too many hours online *cough*)

To inspire you, a hymn found here (iBreviary, an easy and painless way to pray the Liturgy of the Hours), linked here, Coffee and Canticles, one of my favourite sites.


Thank you, God, for giving us US!
Thank you, God, for giving us US!
Thank you, God, for giving us US!
Riiiiiii-ight where we are!

Kidding! (as you can see, I'm not fasting from sarcasm today)

Here's the actual hymn.

The fast, as taught by holy lore,
We keep in solemn course once more:
The fast to all men known, and bound
In forty days of yearly round.

The law and seers that were of old
In divers ways this Lent foretold,
Which Christ, all seasons’ King and guide,
In after ages sanctified.

More sparing therefore let us make
The words we speak, the food we take,
Our sleep and mirth, and closer barred
Be every sense in holy guard:

Avoid the evil thoughts that roll
Like waters o’er the heedless soul;
Nor let the foe occasion find
Our souls in slavery to bind.

Melody: Schütz’ Psalm 66 L.M.
Music: Heinrich Schütz, 1585-1672 
Text: Ex more docti mystico, attributed to Saint Gregory the Great, 540-604
Translation: John M. Neale, 1818-1866

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  1. Howling with laughter here!

    Therese McD