Friday, April 16, 2010

German theologian Hans Küng urges bishops to disobey pope

This was a  NEWS item? If that headline is "news" then so are the following:

"U.S. to pull troops out of Vietnam"

"President Kennedy Assassinated"

...because Hans Küng has been urging bishops (and everyone else) to disobey the pope for DECADES. In fact Hans Küng is, at 82, very nearly dead. Dr. Küng, I actually do have news for you: no one cares. No one is listening to you. Not because you're old, but because you're a tedious, clapped-out heretic. The only people who listen to you are tedious, clapped-out heretics. Hadn't you heard? The gates of hell will not prevail. So give it up already.

UPDATE: George Weigel agrees with me  (that is to say, I agree with him), but then of course, Mr. Weigel says it much more intelligently: (ie."you have forfeited any claim to be taken seriously").

Read his vastly enjoyable smack-down of Küng here. Thanks to Mark Shea for the link. Here's just a taste: have lost the argument over the meaning and the proper hermeneutics of Vatican II. That explains why you relentlessly pursue your fifty-year quest for a liberal Protestant Catholicism, at precisely the moment when the liberal Protestant project is collapsing from its inherent theological incoherence.

[...] Yet I venture to guess that the iron really entered your soul when, on December 22, 2005, the newly elected Pope Benedict XVI—the man whose appointment to the theological faculty at Tübingen you had once helped arrange—addressed the Roman Curia and suggested that the argument was over: and that the conciliar “hermeneutics of reform,” which presumed continuity with the Great Tradition of the Church, had won the day over “the hermeneutics of discontinuity and rupture.

I expect it’s too much to expect you to change, or even modify, your views, even if every bit of empirical evidence at hand suggests that the path you propose is the path to oblivion for the churches.

Permit me to suggest that you owe Pope Benedict XVI a public apology, for what, objectively speaking, is a calumny that I pray was informed in part by ignorance (if culpable ignorance). I assure you that I am committed to a thoroughgoing reform of the Roman Curia and the episcopate, projects I described at some length in God’s Choice: Pope Benedict XVI and the Future of the Catholic Church, a copy of which, in German, I shall be happy to send you. But there is no path to true reform in the Church that does not run through the steep and narrow valley of the truth. The truth was butchered in your article in the Irish Times. And that means that you have set back the cause of reform.

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