Thursday, April 1, 2010

O Mobbers, Where Art Thou?

Here's an interesting letter from yesterday's Ottawa Citizen. A student at the University of Ottawa has remarked upon a campus poster which refers to Good Friday in an offensive way. Hmmmm...University of Ottawa...speech which is offensive to members of a particular religion...why does that ring a bell?

No doubt the valiant defenders of tolerance and "safe, positive spaces" will soon be rushing to the aid of all Christians who find such displays insulting.

Notice also how the title above this letter reads,  " 'Naughty' Friday event wrong on religious day" when that is not even an assertion the writer made. She acknowledges that "No one is being forced to celebrate this day of fast" and that the organizers have the freedom to "Go ahead and put up your sexy posters and have a great time this Friday...." She only asks that they "show some respect and leave religion out of it."

Showing some respect. Too tall an order for fallen human nature, I'm afraid. And has been for some time.

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