Sunday, April 18, 2010

This is the greatest idea in the history of the world.

It's completely amazing to me that our society has survived this long without a sarcasm mark. I just don't know how anyone could write anything without one of these, because there simply is no way to convey sarcasm unless you are speaking to someone face to face or have access to the appropriate emoticons or the skill to create  hand-drawn facsimiles thereof. This will save a lot of friendships and bring greater understanding to all mankind. The irony thingy sounds great, too. As someone who hopes to be a writer one day, I just think to myself, "Boy, if only my words didn't have to communicate anything but their dictionary definition to the reader, that would be really, really, really...good."


  1. I am very much in favour of a sarcasm punctuation mark. One of my editors has told me to "stop using irony" because people don't understand it. I weep.

  2. You should break your right arm. I'm unable to do any irony for three more weeks.

  3. Or just buy polyester clothing. It doesn't require irony at all.