Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum

It looks as though a battle may be brewing over the new courses set to roll out this fall. I have very little experience with the traditional school system in this province - just enough to know that I am not interested in the product they are offering. I hope that parents who are unhappy with this program will let their school boards know and pull their children out of classes, if necessary.

Our premier has spoken:

McGuinty said he supports teaching sex education to youngsters in school, rather than leaving them to rely on inaccurate information they may glean from other sources, such as the Internet or other kids.
“I have confidence in the curriculum that they have put together,” McGuinty said. “I have confidence in the judgment of our teachers...."

Gee, maybe Mr. McGuinty is right. I guess it would be slightly less corrupting/embarrassing for 12-year-olds to hear about oral sex from their teachers in the classroom rather than seeing them act it out on the gym floor.


  1. Zing!!! Great finish. School looks so much more fun these days, doesn't it? My teachers just told us to wear condoms- no mime acts to Top 40 hits. Like all normal kids, we had to learn about sex from the janitor.

  2. From the CBC story: "But another student, Keanna Bergen, said the teachers were put in a tough position and should have been given the benefit of the doubt." Ha ha.

    Note the passive use of the verb: "the teachers were put..." Ahem: WHO put them in WHAT "tough position"...? Seems to me they assumed the position.

    (Did someone mention something about a sarcasm mark a while back?)

  3. Oh yes, and as for the sex ed curriculum itself... it's reason #2038946724653487 to homeschool.