Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why, the nerve of the guy!

Some people don't like Mark Steyn - I've gotten that faint vibe from the "Mark's Mailbox" feature. Some people just call him names, some actually state which of his ideas they think are bad.  And some people don't like it that he believes his own opinions:

"After reading your latest Macleans piece, I feel the arrogance of you believing in your own opinion is astounding."

(It's the third letter from the top.) Poor Mark. You would think by now he'd realize that in Canada, it's only okay to hold beliefs which back up someone else's opinion - ideally, an opinion which has been pre-approved by such vessels of wisdom as the CHRC, the CBC or Bono. Otherwise, you might express the wrong opinion and get into an embarrassing situation like this:

Perhaps in his next Maclean's article, Mr. Steyn will stick to subjects more palatable to some of his Canadian readers - like naming his favorite "Friend"! As long as it's not Ross.

1 comment:

  1. Can you take someone named "Babu" seriously, especially when he/she/it starts raving to Mr. Steyn about "Your arrogant disrespect for Canadian values..."

    What Canadian values? We don't have free speech and it "works for us..."???

    It doesn't work for me.