Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hey, Prairie Relatives - make up an extra room in the bunker. (UPDATED)

Here's another task for the Safe Positive Space Heroes. Sounds like the SPS surrounding these gentlemen was down to about 12 inches.

Ezra Levant  makes some important observations:

      Words didn't have an impact. A machete did -- or almost did.
      Accelerating the argument? A machete isn't an argument. It isn't speech, even offensive or   
     "hateful" speech. It is a tool of violence.

But remember, Canada, and keep repeating: it's the words of people like Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn and Ann Coulter that are the REAL threat!

I can find no mention of this story on the CBC website. I thought they were in the business of telling us what it means to be authentically Canadian....

UPDATE: The story has since made an appearance on the CBC website. In an interview with Michael Coren, Nick Bergamini stated  that the CBC would  interview him only if someone from the other side was present to give "balance" to the story. (Speaking of firing them all...now that CTV has the HNIC theme song, can't they just buy the show, too, and finally render the CBC completely useless? That would save the taxpayer a few quid.)

Mrs. P. weighs in: BALANCE??? Since when does the reportage of a criminal assault require the views of the perpetrators to be represented? Oy vay.  

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  1. When the CBC does pick up the story (perhaps in two weeks or so) this will be the headline: "Muslim students fear violent backlash after alleged exchange".