Thursday, April 22, 2010

If it's normal and healthy...

Then what's the big deal? A Hamilton, MI teacher faces charges for (alleged) indecent exposure, which is, of course, reprehensible. But the really curious thing is that the article makes a rather big deal out of his... ahem..."self-pleasuring" activities. If masturbation is normal and healthy (as all up-to-the-minute sex-ed programs insist), then why mention it at all? They might as well make an issue of how this teacher habitually yawns or blows his nose in between classes. (Sarcasm mark required here).

So glad, by the way, that this was not a Hamilton, ON teacher. Then he would be getting an award for being a wonderful (dare I say 'hands-on') sex-ed instructor, instead of being charged with a felony (see Mrs. Beazly's post, below).

Got this link from The Steyn; he listed it under the heading of "Creepy Teacher in the News". I hope I am not alone in thinking that it might be nearly as creepy for a janitor to be sniffing the tissues he finds in the trash. (Methinks this may be the self-same janitor to whom Mr. Witko was referring in an earlier comment on this blog.)

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