Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shrek Dreck

Mrs. P has asked me to comment on this story about Shrek and his friends. (Because we can all tell by the caliber of our respective posts which of the Dumb Old Housewives spends more of her time contemplating cartoons.)

We're supposed to think a controversy has arisen over the imaginary cast of Shrek having "posed" for what is described as a "saucy" photo spread, but I think it's pretty obvious this is merely a publicity stunt...if it's not a belated April Fool's joke. The article (which erroneously identifies the upcoming fourth "Shrek" film as the third in the series) tries to make it sound like the innocents at DreamWorks Animation had no clue what was being done with their characters, but I'm not buying it. It's an advertising gimmick - why, just consider the two extra people who will be aware of the new Shrek movie simply by reading this post!

Anyway, it's not exactly out of character for Shrek and company to be featured in slightly suggestive pictures since the movies themselves are larded with adolescent vulgarities. (For detailed reviews I refer you to Steven Greydanus; I saw the first film and couldn't be bothered going back for more.) This is not really a novel direction - just more lameness from DreamWorks. I'd rather review their far superior "Kung Fu Panda" - or better yet, wait for "Toy Story 3".

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