Saturday, February 25, 2012

And the Oscar for Best Drekter goes to....

My daughter, who loves to make home movies of her dollies, always adds credits at the end to acknowledge everyone who worked so hard on her productions. Naturally, this includes whoever "drekted" the film. (Usually herself.)

Her spelling has improved since her last release, but I think Best Drekter is an Oscar category just waiting to be created, given the amount of dreck that pours out of Hollywood and other locations on a yearly basis. We've spent so much time honoring the good movies. It's time to think of the feelings of the people who work hard to bring us such offerings as Zookeeper and the Twilight Saga.

Here are the nominees for tomorrow's Oscars. Which ones have you seen? Which ones deserve an Oscar? Which ones deserve Best Drekter instead?


  1. I evidently don't get out enough; I have heard of only about three of those movies and seen none of them. But then that is the way with most of us rubes out in the flat bald boring prairie wildnerness of Saskatchewan; we just don't go to the talkies much (too busy turning sod with our plough-horses).

  2. You're in Saskatchewan? I didn't know they had internet out there. ;)