Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where has this guy been all my life?

I was watching Because of Winn-Dixie  yesterday evening with my younger girls and there was this amazing singer in the movie. Of course I went straight to IMBd to find out who he was (Dave Matthews), and thence, on to YouTube. I love his vocal stylings.


  1. Really like Dave Matthews (and the Winn Dixie movie too) - although he had a *bit* of a drug problem...he's still one of my favourites.

  2. If I listened only to the music of people who were saints, I would probably own 3 CDs: 2 of Gregorian chant, and 1 of the rosary. I do, however, tend to avoid artists when they are vehemently, viciously, horribly, publicly, anti-Catholic, anti-life etc. Or if they're excessively annoying, like Bono. If I know the artist has (had) problems, listening to their music reminds me to pray for them. They too have souls in need of salvation. Thanks for posting, Sarah!