Friday, February 10, 2012

Jim Cuddy reminds my why I love him, part 2.

Last night I had a date with Jim Cuddy. Mr. B. came along, too. We all had a rockin' good time at the National Arts Center, the Jim Cuddy Band's fourth last stop on their national tour.

Opening for the JCB was Doug Paisley, an artist to whom I was very glad to be introduced. Check him out! I'm going shopping for his music today.

Mr. Cuddy played most of the songs from his latest album, Skyscraper Soul, as well as a couple of hits from his other solo albums. Blue Rodeo favorites were in the set, too. It was lovely to hear a live performance of "Bad Timing", my favorite Blue Rodeo song. (It was just like this video, except from where I was sitting Jim Cuddy was only about two inches tall.) For an encore, Jim sat down at the piano and treated us to "Try" .

The concert concluded with an acoustic rendition of "Wash Me Down", a beautiful track from Skyscraper Soul. Doug Paisley, Anne Linsday, Jim Cuddy and Colin Cripps stepped away from the mikes and sang. Truly sublime. I felt that I had not only been washed down, but had also drunk deeply of something pure and clear and sweet.  It was rather jarring to get up and leave the theater for a cold parking garage instead of staying in our seats to sigh with contentment for an hour or so.  I haven't found any videos posted from last night's concert, but here's one from their appearance in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. I'll say no more. Watch, and sigh with me.



  1. LUCKEEEEEE! One of the signs of a true artist is how good they sound, even on someone's crappy cell phone video.

  2. Yep, there's no auto-tuning or lip-synching going on here, just pure talent. These folks stopped in Saskatoon in January. You and Mrs. Jones should have gone to see them!

  3. If only I'd known! Maybe it would help if I looked online once in a while to see what artista/shows are coming our way.