Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More proof that Dalton McGuinty lives in his own private universe

With himself as Grand Poohbah and Toronto as the centre and point of Origin of all existence. And yes, of course I'll confess my bias up front: I'm from the (economically viable) west that he's dissing.

McGuinty: "We have a strong sense of partnership with Canadians from coast to coast to coast." 

Why yes,  as long as his province always and everywhere benefits from it. What irks me is his biting the hand that feeds him, as so many (but not all, of course) in central Canada seems to do, and then being "surprised" by the backlash. 


  1. What he really means is, "Since we Liberals have driven Ontario to the status of a 'have-not' province, we rely on all you other hard-working, revenue-generating provinces to uphold our wasteful spending habits."

    "Partnership", indeed!
    Andrea (from, um, Ontario)