Friday, February 3, 2012

I am very glad because my nephew is getting married

Because that means a rowdy family party/dance. I hope they have a DJ, so that I can request this totally viral song at the dance. (You should see its popularity rating on iTunes. Hilarious.) Warning: the first viewing/hearing is surreal, and may cause dizziness, loss of balance, and/or cognitive dissonance. Subsequent hearings: abandon all hope of getting the tune out of your mind and join the zombie hordes who love it.

Artist: Eduard Khil; Title: "I am very glad, because I'm finally returning back home (Trololo)"

Maybe he was in the gulag for singing this song.


  1. Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya, tro lo lo lo ..... but I thought we were going to play Scrabble ... set me up!

  2. Not only does Mr. Khil have a fantastic voice, but only a true artist could put this much expression into a song with no words. I salute him.