Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hey girls, who says we can't start our own meme?

Mrs. Beazly has suggested we go beyond  Homeschool Ryan Gosling, and go with Homeschool Richard Armitage. I'm all for that. I'm all for Richard Armitage Anything. So here's a pic to start us off...

Mrs. Beazly will have to supply the fancy graphics-magic.

Hey girl, who says ironing shirts is more important than Armitage Art Appreciation? 


  1. Dumb Old Housewives?! Oh, I think you're all pretty sharp -- especially when I see you have such fine taste. :D

    Wait! Are you homeschoolers too? Psst. So am I. Have graduated three students and working with the fourth.

    I've tried to convince my friends that homeschoolers really do have fun. This proves it!

  2. Ha ha. Welcome, rafrenzy. We both homeschool. Mrs. B has three children, and I have seven (but I've graduated two...)

  3. But apparently I'm not frenzied enough. I had to click through to see what the "ra" part stood for. D'OH!