Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What the Dickens!

The DOHs, both being huge avid and enthusiastic fans of all things Dickens, cannot let this day go by without mentioning his bicenentary, celebrated today.

Where does one begin? How about over at Pundette's... because I couldn't say it any better myself, and besides which, she's already done the work. (If I didn't know better, I'd think we homeschooling Catholic Dickensian Steynette moms all shared a brain, even if not the diligence gene.)


  1. Diligent -- if only. I bet your house is cleaner than mine. But I did make a lasagna for dinner.

    Have you read Dombey and Son? I loved it.

  2. Blushing bright crimson, and NOT because my house is cluttered and dirty, which it is. D&S is one of the few Dickens novels I still haven't gotten round to reading. (Though I have read some others multiple times, silly no?) Our Mutual Friend ranks near the top, and not only because it was superbly adapted by Sandy Welch in 1998. But Lawks, it's difficult to choose, isn't it?