Friday, February 10, 2012

Mr. Steyn, we are holding you to it.

As per Mrs. Beazly's example, I watched Mark Steyn's blissfully lengthy stint on BookTV the other day (yes, Virginia, you can homeschool kids, do laundry, make meatballs, and ponder civilizational collapse simultaneously, especially when you have a new Mac).

Near the very end (of the program, not the world), he said he's thinking of compiling an ANTHOLOGY OF CHILDREN'S LITERATURE!! Now, being extremely interested in both children and literature, and doing a lot of homeschooling that involves both, I say unto you, Mr. Steyn, please do this thing with all possible haste. My youngest is seven and rapidly becoming an avid reader. Wouldn't it be great for her to become an avid Steynette before the age of ten?

You know this book would sell like hotcakes, because your lady-fans are virtually the only ones out there having babies, and most of us care about what we read, and a great many of us are also heavily involved in educating our children. So do it. Compile the Children's Anthology. We will hound you till you do.


  1. Steyn is coming to our town! Mr Blurn is planning to stalk him.

  2. Tell Mr. Steyn Mrs. Beazly says hello.