Friday, February 24, 2012

Guns Drawn, or Our Schools are George Costanza, Part 2,678,489,844

Everyone who had anything to do with this should lose his (or her) job, starting with the teacher.

On Wednesday, Sansone arrived at his children’s’ school to pick them up. He was asked to step inside and meet with the principal. In the principal’s office, Sansone was met by three Waterloo Regional Police officers and immediately arrested. He was taken to a nearby station, strip searched and locked in a cell. His wife was also summoned to the station, and their children taken by Family and Children’s Services. At no point were they told why this was happening.
 A detective with the Waterloo Regional Police service apologized to Sansone, and explained that the entire sequence of events had been set in motion because a teacher at the school became alarmed when his four-year-old daughter drew a gun and said the picture was of her father.
 So, be warned, parents. Even the sketches your child makes at school can and will be used against you.


  1. Oh, the 4-year-old "drew" a gun. Not DREW a gun. Teachurs and child soshul survices, and copps, your moral and intellectual superiors. Can anyone spell "sense of proportion"?

  2. Actually, she drew a picture of a man holding a gun and said it was her dad who shot bad men and monsters.