Thursday, March 1, 2012

An absolute must-read

By George Jonas at the National Post. Religious freedom is dead in the province of Quebec (which fancies itself a separate 'nation' but doesn't have the stones to secede). Freedom-loving parents, get out while you still can. 

Canada is turning into a theocracy with its own jealous God: The smug, self-worshipping state.  Lower-court judges are its acolytes; high-court judges its bishops. The Charter? It’s still available in courthouse washrooms for purposes of personal hygiene. No, I’m not Catholic, or even religious. Only appalled.

h/t Deborah Gyapong, linked on Facebook 

Update: and it's happening in the U.S. too. But at least you Americans can vote the bums out. We are stuck with our vile Supreme Court judges, who are appointed for life. 

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