Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paper dolls

As the mom of seven girls, I have seen a lot of paper dolls come and go in this house. Bought lots, made lots, received lots as gifts. Among them are several sets by Tom Tierney, who, as any paper doll aficionado will tell you, is the high king of the artistic genre. If I had oodles of money, I would probaly own several hundred sets, such as the following:

















And of course the preceding comprise just a fraction of his output. There are, naturally, some sets that I would not want to own. Such as: 

These, because they’re just…ewwwww

And not this one, because the thing about modern dance is… just… no.

And NOT the Woodstock, Vampire or Drag Queen paper dolls sets, to which I will not even link.

And I see while these are out of print, they are still around (and have even appreciated in value since I invested in my two, never-cut, carefully preserved sets). But I will probably never sell them.

And oh my, let’s not even get started on the coloring books.

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  1. Oh,my, that was good. I think my college girls will want them. All of them. It's the historical coloring books that I buy in bulk...and also books on vintage and historical war and destruction for the gentlemen.

    I heart Dover.