Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 29: Hoeing, digging, clipping, weeding and shredding

We had a sunny day today. The first one in weeks. So I had to weed my favourite flower bed. Just. Had. To. It was completely overgrown: a mass of weeds and every plant had grown into the next one. It was an awful mess, but I haven't been able to get to it all month (school, music, travel, writing deadlines, exams, RAIN). So today was the day. I'm so proud, I'll probably post a picture (was not savvy enough to snap a "before" shot so you'll have to be content with "after.") But it was HOURS of work, and four wheelbarrows full of weeds and culled overgrowth. Four. After that, I truly did not think I had it in me to do today's workout. But the little girls (I still call the two youngest that, and probably always will) gave me a break in that they let me drive them to the swimming pool (10 miles away) and sit in a lawn chair for about 90 minutes to rest up while they splashed.

I did my workout at 9:00 pm so I was still pretty tired, but I more or less completed it. I still can't keep up with the whole thing. I really think it would take a couple more weeks to get into good enough shape to do all the exercises.  The pace seems really fast in Level 3; moreso than in other levels, and I find it harder to get up/ready in time to start the next move/exercise.

But here we are, just one day from completing the entire 30 days.

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