Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oh, OK then. Think thin!

Today on Facebook, I saw an ad in the sidebar that disappeared before I could click on it. (Which is kind of strange, but I guess the ads have to change from time to time.)  But the caption was "Your mind makes you fat." Who knew! So then all I have to do is wish and hope the weight away? I googled those words and came up with lots of (wishful thinking) sites about the power of positive thinking--or negative thinking, or just plain fat thinking, as the case may be. Maybe "thick" is a better term, under the circumstances.

Your mind can make you fat in only one way:

MIND: Hey, let's go eat the rest of the chocolate chip cookies in the jar!
WILL: No, that would not be good.
MIND: But, as Augustus Gloop says, "It tastes so goot!" And you know you want them.
WILL: Oh, all right. Come on Body, let's go.
BODY: Okay.

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