Friday, June 7, 2013

Shred Day 12: weightless

686 cubic centimetres of sirloin steak weighs more than 686 cubic centimeters of lard.
A pound of sirloin steak weighs the same as a pound of lard. 

Miss P and I did our second workout on Level 2 at noon today. I had to pause partway through (bathroom break, mybad), and I modified (did easier versions) a lot of the moves, but overall, I think today was better than yesterday. I didn't feel as though I was dying--quite so often.

I know that yesterday I made fun of the notion of one's mind "making" you fat (sorry, only OVEREATING does that), but I realized today that I don't 'feel' as fat (and ugly) as I have felt for the last while. And that's worth something, even if it doesn't burn any actual calories. Positive thinking can lead to positive action, and so it is worthwhile, even if not efficacious on its own.

I have no idea how many pounds (if any) I've lost, since I've decided to quit weighing myself, at least until the end of the 30 Day Shred. This is for the following reasons:

1) The last time I started the Shred, a couple of years ago, I lost six inches (SIX!) in one week, but lost no pounds on the scale. Not one. The next week, I lost a few more inches (maybe 3?) and still the pounds were not coming off as quickly as I'd hoped ("Lose 20 pounds in 30 Days!" Jillian promises. Yeah, what's in the fine print--when accompanied by diet restrictions and liposuction?)

Anyway, what do you think I allowed to discourage me? You are correct... well that, and sheer laziness. I did not complete the 30 days. Which is pathetic, because I was getting results, and we all know that muscle is denser (not heavier, LOL) than fat.

2) Like lots of women, I allow the bathroom scale inordinate power over me, and this, needless to say, is destructive and sinful. My digital scale weighs to the nearest 0.2 pounds (just over 3 ounces) and it could make or break my day if I was a fraction of a pound heavier or lighter than expected/hoped. So I'm giving myself a break from the scale, and praying (as always) not to be so foolish and obsessive.

Now...what to make for dinner tonight. Too bad it's Friday. Suddenly I have a craving for bison sirloin steaks and cherry pie.

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