Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shred Day 24: so close and yet so far

It was another crazy day. (I think I may just change the name of the blog to that phrase.) Day 2 of window installation, so all is still chaos around here. Even more fun, the internet still had not come back on as of noon, so I actually had to leave my home and travel to another town in order to send an email--this is Progress!! My column was thus 24 hours late--so good to have an understanding editor.

 I also had to drop some tests and other stuff at the local school board office, so that meant a 75 km drive (45 miles) to the nearest city, where at least McDonald's had free WiFi (though the drinks cost me $8; everyone seemed in a mood for something more expensive than the Dollar Deal Drinks). I took some kids with me, because they wanted to do some shopping for an upcoming birthday and other sundries. So after some emailing and frantic shopping, it was back home so that Miss P #4 (now working a summer job as a lifeguard) could swim her weekly laps, and so that Mom could cook dinner and start on the birthday menu. First request: homemade Butterscotch Chip ice cream (I had to make up the recipe; hope it doesn't flop).

Did my Shred workout at about 9:30 tonight. I don't understand how I can NOT complete the Level 3 workout moves and still have sweat pouring off me. I know I only have 6 more of these workouts left, but something tells me my pride is not going to let me quit until I can keep up with this Level and not feel as though my quads are going to burst. Muscle tone in several areas is improving, but not around my middle: that still looks like I'm trying to smuggle a pool noodle.

Time to go aquacize with the other "mature" ladies in the morning...


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