Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Shred Day 23: still cheating on Level 3

Our windows DID arrive, and so did the guys to install them (Callooh Callay!). They were hard at it all day, which was hot and somewhat humid. What a difference a few new windows make!  I might post some pics if I have time. But what a busy day. On top of that, I had to supervise the last of Miss P#7's year-end testing. On top of all that, I had to get a column in to The Record. On top of that, I had to do my Shred workout. On top of that, the hot humid day was followed by a thunder and lightning storm in the evening, which was sure to knock out our internet (which it did, hence I am posting this Wednesday, and backdating it for Tuesday, because I'm a_____ retentive like that). On top of that, I had so much pain in my lower back (more on the right side) that I could barely walk all day, and did not see how in tarnation I was going to get a workout done.

The pain subsided a bit by evening, but did not disappear completely. I finished my column (but could not send it in, due to having no interent) and then went to do my workout at 10:30 pm. I did Level 3, but again, could not keep up. There were some moves I just couldn't do because of my back, but I was surprised at how much I could do, and also surprised by the improvement (in strength and endurance) there was from my first attempt. I do not like Level 3 exercises though. I just don't. Too punishing on the quads.

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