Monday, June 10, 2013

Shred Day 15: halfway there

Having completed the second full week of the 30 Day Shred, I took measurements again today. I was not expecting a big number and was neither surprised nor disappointed. I lost just over 2 more inches, bringing my two-week total to 7.5 inches.

I was looking at this sewing site not long ago, which tells how to measure oneself properly, and had to chuckle at this line:
Depending upon body proportions, there are two possible waistlines: a natural waist or, for people who do not have a naturally indented waist, a de facto (chosen) waist, where the top of skirts or trousers sits.
Yep, that's me all right. The one with the "de facto" waist. And mine will never measure 25 inches, unless my "chosen" spot for my waist is around my forehead.

Today, Miss P was writing a final exam (correspondence course) at the local high school so we could not do our workout in the morning. I felt the need to burn off some stress, so I got on the treadmill once again and started running. I did 3 km at a good pace (for me) and then decided to slow it down a bit, but still  kept running. In all, I did 5 km and it more or less wiped me out for the better part of the day (duh). My knees and hips were not loving me by late afternoon. I had to do lots of dashing about (ie. driving) today: taking kids to exams and music lessons (last one before exam on Wed!) in two different towns, besides the usual stuff at home. By time I finished the supper dishes, I didn't know how I was going to find the energy to do workout #15. However, I girded my left knee (it's clicking more than usual) and did the workout. Surprisingly, it went better than any Level 2 workout has gone so far. I feel encouraged to plug away with this and see it through the last two weeks, but I won't be doing another 5K on the treadmill (or anywhere else) any time soon.

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