Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shred Day 10: ouch

I gotta stop doing these workouts so late. Miss P and I did the 10th Shred workout at about 9 p.m. this evening, and I have felt like a wreck ever since. My knees hurt and it is difficult getting up and down all the crazy staircases in this house (five levels! Ye gods, what ever possessed architects to dream up the concept of multi-level-split homes? Too much LSD around in the 70s, methinks.) To make matters worse, our staircases are too steep, and (so my builder dad informed us) would not pass code today. How nice, knowing you have stairs that may one day claim a limb (or  life) of a grandparent or toddler because some dopey contractor wanted to save a hundred bucks on materials. But I digress.

It was not a great workout. In the very first cardio circuit, my left calf started cramping. We paused the DVD for a few minutes so I could try to massage and stretch it out, but it never really stopped hurting throughout the entire workout. Which meant that I was able to do some of the exercises, such as the ab circuits and some of the strength moves, but I was pretty much phoning it in for much of the cardio. However, I still got my heart rate up and worked up a sweat, so it can't have been a waste of time.

Maybe I didn't drink enough water today; Miss P tells me from her lifeguard training that cramps can be caused by insufficient water intake. So I'll have to be mindful of that. And maybe tomorrow do the workout earlier in the day when I have more energy. One thing is for sure: after these workouts, logging 5 km on the treadmill is going to start looking easy and fun.

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