Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shred Day 21: last day of Level 2...I think

It was a long day. Had to be at church 20 minutes earlier than usual (which is quite a feat for us, I assure you) because I had to lead the rosary before Mass. Since it was Father's Day, I did a lot more cooking than I usually do on Sundays. Mr. P usually takes the helm for Sunday brunches, God bless him, but we tried to give him a break today. It was also a celebration because our two eldest daughters were able to join us, so the family was together for the first time since Miss P#2 left for Germany, back in April. We had a good visit and a couple of entertaining slide shows of travel photos, and even made time for an afternoon nap. Thus, I did not get to my workout till 10:30 p.m. So I did Level 2, one last time. It's still a challenge, but less so than when we began doing it. Also, I am tired of certain moves (and certain annoying banter), so I hope to try Level 3 tomorrow. We're in the home stretch!

Happy Father's Day, Mr. P!

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