Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shred Day 27: ballerina arms

Alas, I don't have them, and never will. And that's okay. I realized something rather shocking today, which goes to show that no matter how often you read a book, see a movie, DVD, etc., you can always expect to see something new. Today when I was doing the Shred workout, I noticed (during the warmup) that the uber-fit "difficult" level helper gal, Natalie, does not have ballerina arms either. She has legs like a track athlete (how she can do those jump-squat-lunge-things in circuit 2 is beyond me) but during the arm-cross part of the warmup, her upper arms flapped. Flapped. Just like mine. I had never noticed that before.

Which means that you can be more fit than 99% of people on the planet and still have excess skin and/or fat on your arms. Which is kind of depressing, but also kind of consoling, because it makes you realize that no matter how hard you try, or how obsessive you become, you can never have that "perfect" body. Which is a good thing, and if you have sense, you just won't bother getting to the level of obsession. You will just do the best with what God gave you and focus on generally doing the duties of your vocation, and getting to heaven and helping your loved ones get there too. And maybe, instead of making fun of (or scorning) women who are addicted to compulsive dieting, exercise, or cosmetic surgery, to pray for them instead.

Level 3 is getting easier, though I still can't keep up with all the quad exercises. I have moved up to 5 lb hand weights, because the 3 lb ones were not doing anything for me anymore. I don't have ballerina arms, I have my grandmother's "big strong Slovak girl" arms.

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