Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shred Day 7... setbacks

OK for those of you who read my "wiser food choices" post from Friday night, be assured that I have not achieved Moderation-in-Eating Sanctity and am ready to be assumed into Biggest Loser heaven (however that may be defined). Yesterday we were in the city for provincial piano competition and Miss P#4, who was competing, got to choose the restaurant. I should have had a salad and lean protein, regardless of where we ate, but... ASIAN BUFFET. Ye gods. I think I sampled from only 10% of the dishes on offer, and my plate was still... Way. Too. Full. (As was I afterward.) Mea culpa, and I don't mean that ironically; gluttony is a deadly sin.

Let's just say my only justification (well, no, I wouldn't even call it that--it was more like an excuse) was, "Hey, this way, I don't have to eat any more meat or seafood  (or rice or noodles or assorted fried things or desserts) for the next week month." And then to cap it all off, when we got home (very late, several hours later) I ate three chocolate chip cookies which Miss P#5 had baked while we were away. (She complained of having "burned" them, so I had to sample them to assure her that they were just fine. They were not remotely burned, just extra brown and crispy--still delicious).

So...Sunday morning. Yes, Virginia, after overindulging on Saturday, you CAN up at 6:00 a.m. to exercise. But first, you should say your prayers. In my case, Morning Prayer (and part of the Office of Readings) from the Liturgy of the Hours (did the online version, which still feels like cheating somehow, since I wasn't fiddling with ribbons and all that...).  I will try to complete the Office later, but I was pressed for time, since I squeezed in coffee with Hubby as well, and still have to shower and get ready for a nearly 3-hour drive to another city in another province for Mass at 11:00 and a celebration of my niece's First Holy Communion. This is life with a large extended family.

My workout went OK. I was pretty played out from yesterday, but still made it through with a tiny stop here and there. And so, on with the day.

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