Friday, June 21, 2013

Shred Day 26: Like that guy said in that book

Or was it the movie? "I'm afraid we were making rather merry, yesterday, Mr. Scrooge, Sir." A good time was had by all at the birthday party. The Butterscotch Chip ice cream turned out well (if you don't mind eating frozen butterscotch chips), and Miss P made a good gift haul, as little kids are supposed to do in those years before birthdays become a burden rather than a blessing. But I've concluded one thing: Lay's Smokey Bacon potato chips are going to the top of my "not worth it" list. I didn't eat a lot, but I still felt kind of sickish during the night. I just CANNOT eat fatty foods in the evening, or I pay for it later.

Did my Shred workout at about 10:30 or 11 this morning. I'm getting stronger every day, though I still can't keep up on all the Level 3 exercises. But the list of moves I can't complete is down to about 2 or 3, whereas before, it was... well, all of them.

Going away again for the weekend (more family events), this time a First Communion/Confirmation. The partying never ends when you have 12 siblings and 40-some nephews and nieces (yay, Catholic family life!). We are visiting the home of one of the best cooks in the family (though you are all awesome cooks, ladies, and I have to say so even though very few of you read this blog), so I hope I am able to follow Mom's timeworn advice: "Don't let your eyes be bigger than your stomach." (As if. Sigh.)

Generic internet photos of my Slovak SIL's specialty:
 the best poppy seed roll on the planet. 


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