Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shred Day 11: where "ouch" takes on a whole new meaning

Miss P and I started Level 2 today, not because we are so fit, but because we were tired of Level 1. And hey, we're a third of the way through, so it seemed mathematically apropos, somehow.

The kindest way to describe Level 2 is "fairly challenging". A more primal expression might be, "Aaaaaggghhhh! We're gonna die! Make it stop, Lord!"  (You have a slim chance that God will make it stop, cuz Jillian won't.) I could not keep up with the cardio circuits, and had to modify them, and stop for the occasional 5-second breather (which Jillian allows). A word of caution about the ab and strength moves. Before starting this level, you might be advised to just sit and watch it, pausing the DVD where necessary, and trying out the moves/positions in order to get them to where you (at least to your satisfaction) are doing them correctly. The last ab move did nothing for me. I felt it absolutely nowhere, which leads me conclude that I was not in the correct position and not doing the move properly.

Today's good news: my left calf (while still faintly sore) felt well enough for me to exercise. We did our workout much earlier today, which I think is essential for this level. Today it was 2pm but tomorrow I might try for morning.

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