Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shred Day 16: it's not my imagination

I am beginning to see just the tiniest bit of muscle definition, on my upper arms (where heaven knows I need it), and even on my midsection.  Mind you, before I will see any serious Abs of Steel around here, I need to get rid of a lot more Abs of Raw Bun Dough.  (Have you ever googled the term "Muffin top" in images? Don't. Gee, I wish people would wear clothes that fit them! Or just wear clothes, period. Get a bigger size of jeans and cover up that skin! I even saw a doctor recently --female-- who, whilst on the job, wore jeans that were too tight, and a top that was not long enough,  exposing a four-inch wide swath of muffin top across her back. Unprofessional, just a bit? Hint: a nice lab coat will make you look a little less like a carnival worker.)

Miss P #6 joined me for my Shred workout today, and good on her! She jumped right in to Level 2, without having done any of the workouts before (but she found it difficult.) So do I, and I've been doing this level for six days already. Today was better than the previous five attempts at Level 2 (though I am still doing the easier versions of some of the exercises).

In other news, this morning when I woke up, the furnace was running. And that's not a metaphor of any kind. It was the furnace, blowing hot air. In June.  Because it was about +10 degrees C outside, and not much warmer in the house. (That is just ten degrees above freezing, people of Fahrenheit persuasion). The weather was horrible yesterday too: cold, rainy, windy. In fact it was only +6 C yesterday. The only upside is that these conditions are (please, Lord) killing at least some mosquitoes.

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