Friday, June 14, 2013

Shred Day 19

We stayed in a hotel last night, and it was horrible (I dislike hotels as a rule). Took forever to fall asleep and various things kept waking me up: police (or ambulance) sirens outside; funny noises in the hallway; funny noises coming from the room's vents etc. Got my best sleep after 6 a.m., so slept in this morning.  We had to check out by 11:00 a.m., so I did my workout at 9:30. Did the lowest impact versions of every exercise, because I didn't want to make too many thumping noises (we were not on the ground floor of the hotel, and I didn't know how much, if any, sound would carry through to the floor below.) The hotel room was also hot as Hades; we had the heat turned down and the A/C on all night, but still couldn't moderate the temp. So now I think I know what hot yoga might be like and I would probably hate it. Give me a cool workout environment every time. But I feel good about  being able to find the time and energy (and space, in a relatively small room!) to get the workout done. It makes me realize that even against various odds, you can continue to exercise, if you are motivated enough.
In other news, my nephew's grad was fun and I'm having a great time visiting with relatives. And I did NOT overeat at the grad banquet, even though the buffet was to die for. Not worth feeling sick over, however. The hotel-room insomnia (which I get nearly every time I stay in one) was enough to deal with.

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